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Papers On England (Before 1700)
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The Development of Ships 1250 - 1750
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This 5 page paper considers how ships became more commercially efficient during this period. The writer includes the development of the stern rudder, lateen sails, cogs and caravels through to carrack and galleons. The bibliography cites 10 sources.
Filename: TEshiphs.wps

The Development of Western Civilisation; An Overview of the Influence of Christianity on Economic, Political And Social Evolution
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This 32 page paper considers the way in which the Christian church has impacted on the development of Europe, socially, economically and political. It has been the direct and indirect influence of the church that created the current countries and the political framework. This same influence also changed and developed the social structures, leading the events such as the colonisation and enlightenment. The paper takes a broad historical overview of Europe form this wide perspective. The bibliography cites 30 sources.
Filename: TEwestcv.wps

The Differences Between Feudalism Before and After the Norman Conquest
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This 8 page paper reviews how feudalism evolved from its original application after the Norman Conquest and the rule of William I. Bibliography lists five sources.
Filename: Diffno.wps

The Early Development of London
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A 5 page paper which examines the role of the Romans, Saxons, Vikings, and Normans in the early development of London. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: RAlondvk.rtf

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This 6-page paper attempts to describe the long- and short-term causes of the English Civil War, also known as the English Revolution, which took place in the 17th century. Topics discussed include religion as well as the Scots and Irish Rebellions. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: MTengcau.rtf

The English Civil War and the Concept of Puritanism
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This 6 page paper is written in two parts. The first part considers he background, causes, course and consequences of the English Civil War (1625-1649, the second part looks at t he concept of Puritanism and how it contributed to the founding of American Colonies. The bibliography cites 2 sources.
Filename: TEecivil.rtf

The Foundation Beneath English Relief For The Poor
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An 11 page research paper examining poverty and its growth during the reign of Elizabeth I. England's population nearly doubled during the period between 1520 and 1620. Coupled with an estimated 40% inflation with no appreciable rise in wages, those on the fringe lost living standard ground and their numbers increased dramatically. The first attempts at poor relief were made during Henry VIII's reign, but the first real strides were gained during the time of Elizabeth I. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
Filename: Poor2.wps

The Governments Of France & England
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A 6 page paper discussing the rise of France and England in power after the end of the Crusades. Analyzes the feudal and aristocratic systems of government in each country and draws comparisons to the present-day US. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: Freneng.wps

The History of English Drama
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A 5 page paper which examines the history of English drama up to 1600. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: RAengdrm.rtf

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